E commerce data entry

E-commerce data entry

The internet has become a huge part of our lives and its easy accessibility has led to the massive popularity of the e-commerce business. More and more people are getting involved in the business of exchanging, buying, and selling products and services on the internet. Consumer-driven transactions (B2C), B2B marketing, and an increasing number of startups are centered around e-commerce.

e-commerce involves handling huge amounts of data. It is important that the product data is highly accurate and displayed to attract customers to buy them. Data entry is one of the key aspects of any e-commerce business and should be handled with care.

Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading e-commerce product data entry companies in the world and can help you with data entry services on a large scale. Our vast experience enables us to handle any kind of data entry request. Our team has been working with some of the top e-commerce companies in the world and catering to their e-commerce product data entry services. Some of the key services we offer include –

  • Product Data SourcingOur team has the expertise to extract the required product information from different sources. This information is used to enhance the product description.
  • Collecting Digital/Physical CatalogsWe can help your e-commerce company to collect digital and physical catalogs. We can help you source information from these catalogs and use it in your data entry process.
  • Catalog Data Entry ServicesWe have the required skills, resources and expertise to provide you with catalog data entry services.
  • Adding/Removing Product InformationWe can help your internal team add new product information collected from different data sources. We can also remove any unwanted, old, or irrelevant information which is no longer needed. Some of the tasks include –
    • Adding Product Images
    • Adding Pricing Details
    • Adding Product Descriptions
    • Adding Offers and Sales Information
    • Adding Product Specifications
    • Adding New Products
    • Adding Product Features
    • Deleting Old Products
  • Products CategorizingWe can help companies categorize different sets of products and add them to related groups. This helps in cross-selling products and encourages customers to buy more items than initially intended.
  • Product Data Entry for Cross-sellingWe categorize products in such a way that other related items are displayed to the customer while buying one product. This may result in customers buying more products than they initially had intended to.
  • Product Data Entry for Up-sellingWe can help you strategically design and enter the required product information in such a way that it will help customers to upgrade to a better product and result in them buying a more advanced and expensive product, thereby increasing your profits.
  • Updating Product InformationProduct information and packaging keep changing with time and need to be regularly updated. We can help you to stay updated with the latest changes and update the different types of product information for your e-commerce website. Some of tasks include –
    • Updating Product Images
    • Updating Product Information
    • Updating Product Specifications
    • Updating Pricing Details
    • Updating Offers & Sales Information
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