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Outbound support refers to calling out people who tried to reach the client through inbound, email, or chat. These are different from cold calling or telemarketing calls. It helps to reach out to customers whom we fail to service or request for callbacks or enquired through email or chat for a callback. This type of service can be used to convey special instructions, offers, deals, reminders, surveys, data collection, etc.

The following are some of the services through outbound support appointment Setting

An appointment setting is crucial for any business, either new or traditional to develop and expand the business. We understand that appointment setting is much more than calling a list of phone numbers daily. Appointment scheduling brings the business prospects very near to you.

Outsource your appointment setting services to us and concentrate on other business strategies. We at Infosearchbpo.com, with our experienced customer service representatives, execute the whole appointment setting task including fixing, canceling, rescheduling appointments and meetings, just like a virtual receptionist.

Contact Infosearchbpo.com for flexible solutions of Appointment setting and schedules at affordable rates. Market Research & Survey

Market Research and Survey are important for any business that wants to analyze the current status of the business with respect to products and services offered or when they want to know the consumer’s state of mind related to products or when the company wants to take organizational decisions or when the company wants to know the industry trends.

Our Market Research and Survey process and report include tracking data from customers via a questionnaire, a completely designed report clearly outlining the results, graphic presentation, and statistical document

We at Infosearchbpo.com work with you in the entire Market Research and Survey process, from initial design to the final results. Our goal is to use the best marketing research methods to get the information you need to make the best decisions for your company or organization. Collections

Increase your organization’s profit by collecting pending payments and debts through our collection services. We follow a progressive and thorough collection process that will never attempt to spoil the relationship with the customer.

Our collection services include:

  • Commercial collection
  • Consumer collection
  • Debt recovery
  • Medical collection

We at Infosearchbpo.com with a professional team of collection executives, deliver outstanding collection services. Follow-up

No business is existent without proper follow-up. Follow-up is essential for any business to convert a potential visitor into a customer for your business or product. Progressive and through follow-ups will drastically make a change in the sale or exposure of your products.

We offer only highly focused and results-oriented follow-up campaigns that will significantly boost your business. You will never miss anyone prospect customer with our follow up services that can be done in any of the following two channels:

  • Email follow-up
  • Phone follow-up

We at infosearchbpo.com effectively handle your follow-up services along with our experienced and professional customer support representatives and make business more successful. Telephonic Auditing

The exhaustive process of Auditing is simplified by Telephonic Audits. The flexibility of this service makes it popular among organizations and individuals.  The time taken to visit someone is saved as the whole exercise of auditing can be done through telephone.

The auditing can be for any product or service offered. The government offers a free scheme to select sects of people and a telephone audit can be conducted to check if the free schemes have reached people without any issues. The telephone audits can be recorded for reference and necessary action.

Similarly private corporate companies distribute flyers, signboards, free offers to their dealers as part of brand promotion and motivating dealers. A telephonic audit can be conducted to check if POS materials have been given to them and dealer rewards have reached them etc.

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